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The DMX192 is a compact and versatile DMX controller supporting a wide range of DMX lighting fixtures. With 16 assignable faders and 12 fixture banks this is the perfect sized controller from most mobile entertainers and small venues. This easy to use board allows you to program up to 30 banks for each of the 8 scene buttons, giving you a total of 240 scenes! Furthermore, there are 6 programmable chase sequences, and sped & fade control for automated shows. A great controller for anyone wanting to experiment with DMX and start creating a sequenced lighting show and dynamic effects.

-192 DMX Channels, ideal to control up to 12 fixtures with 16 channels max. each
-Auto mode or as a stand-alone unit
-Music controlled via a built-in microphone
-30 Memory banks storing up to 240 scenes
-6 Programmable chase memories
-Ideal for 19″ panel mounting

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