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Hybrid M602UBTX -6 Mono Mic | Line Channels XLR, ¼ -Mic Input Impendance | 3kO
-Line Input Impendance | 47kO
--20dB Attenuation Switch
-Gain Potentiometer 
-Individual Low | 80Hz, Mid | 2.5kHz, and Hi | 15kHz, EQ Pontentiometers | -15/15  dB
-Effects Send Potentiometer
-Monitor Potentiometer 
-Pan Potentiometer 
-Level Fader | 60mm
-Master Controls :
-16 Digital Effects Processor
-Effects Repeat Potentiometer
-Effect Send Level Potentiometer
-Effect Level Fader | 60mm
-Monitor Send Potentiometer
-2TK | MP3-USB Level Potentiometer, Switchable 
-MP3-USB Media Player, Recorder with LCD Screen Play, Pause, Record, Folder  Select 
-Headphones Potentiometer
-48V Phanton |Switchable Channels 1-3 and 4-6
-Individual Left and Right Master Level Faders | 60mm
-Mix Out Fader | 60mm
-12 Bar LED Master Level | Mix Out - Monitor 
-7 Band Graphic Equaliser | +/- 12 dB 100, 250,500, 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K - Hz

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