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Android V8 Micro USB Charging Charger Data Cable 2M

Nylon Micro USB Cable for Android V8 
Android V8 Micro USB Charging Charger Data Cable Metal Weaving 2M 
3M Braided Aluminum Micro USB Data Sync Charging Cable for Android Phones 
Micro USB Cable Data Sync Fast Charging Cable 3m for Samsung Android Phones 
3m Micro USB Data Sync Charger Cable for Samsung HTC Motorola Nokia Kndle Android Phone Tablet & Devices 


-> Brand New & High Quality 
-> Hot-Sync USB data / Charging cable 
-> High speed data transfer 
-> 2-in-1 Feature allowing you to charge the device and transfer the data at the same time 
-> Compact and durable design - perfect for travel and daily usage, yet extremely durable 
-> Reliable to transfer data, charge your device, and synchronize with your laptop or PC 
-> Supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 and maximizes data transfer speed 

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