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The Evolution of the EVP-X MKII Series

From the EVP, EVP-X and now the EVP-X MKII, Wharfedale Pro have honed the EVP-X12 MKII, which is part of one of the most well respected and reliable speaker series in the industry. Now in the era of the MKII, you can now put your trust into a demanding yet durable PA sound system, built around Wharfedale Pro's latest acoustic and manufacturing innovations. The new series serves up an extra 20% power handling and an additional 32dB SPL over the original EVP-X.

-350W RMS / 700W Program / 1400W Peak
-130 dB Max SPL
-50 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response
-90° x 60° Elliptical Wave Guide Horn
-15" woofer
-ProTech™ Driver
-1.75" (44mm) titanium diaphragm drivers
-+3dB HF Frequency boost switch
-Speakon and 6.3mm jack connections
-Signal and Protect LEDs
-Durable black carpet covering
-New four way carry handle design

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