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*Total daily hire combo fee is payable upfront (includes deposit) 


*I acknowledge the price given to me is a per day charge rate. 

*Equipment is hired & picked up from Gravity Store on the specific day of use.

*Equipment must to be returned the following day  by latest 12pm .

* If goods are not returned a further daily hiring fee will be charged ( for every late day).

 *Refundable deposit will be deducted for any damages to equipment.

  *Documents required:  

> COPY OF ID or  DRIVERS LICENSE   (original SA id)

> PROOF OF RESIDENCE.  (not older than 3 months)


Theatrical smoke and fog, also known as special effect smoke, fog or haze, is a category of atmospheric effects used in the entertainment industry. The use of fog can be found throughout motion picture and television productions, live theatre, concerts, at nightclubs and raves, PartySound offers a wide range of lighting equipment for hire. We specialize in party lights, stage lighting, disco lights, professional club lighting. Check out our gallery to see some of the lighting equipment in action.Lighting Hire, Wedding Lighting Hire, Party Lighting Hire amusement and theme parks and even in video arcades and similar Welcome to Socialight. We pride ourselves in the supplying of quality lighting and sound for hire in Gauteng Province from our office in Johannesburg and now, Durban. Our lighting and sound packages are suitable for weddings, corporate functions and parties.  Give us a call to discuss your needs, we are confident we can put together something great.venues.ound hire, video equipment hire, sound hire johannesburg, sound hire sandton, pa hire, pa system hire, speakers hire, sound rental, hire sound johannesburg, hire, sound These Sound Equipment Hire We supply the best quality sound at the lowest price, using world renowned JBL speakers & crown amplifiers suitable for any job requirements. We deliver the whole production the way you want it. When you have a particularly complex event we work in partnership with you to make it the best it can be. Indaskys knows that your audio visual rentals are an integral part of your event. Our goal is to relieve your hassle and exceed your expectations. We offer a wide selection of choice when hiring a PA system. You can hire a full system to suit your specific requirements or rent a single piece of equipment to complete an existing PA system.DJ Equipment Hire atmospheric effects are used for creating special effects, to make lighting and lighting effects visible, and to create a specific sense of mood or atmosphere. If an individual is at an entertainment venue and beams of light are Complete Sound System Package for Hire. Sound hire Cape Town now available for this package. Great for any corporate event, private function, live performance, Party, Wedding or other type of function. Equipment included 2x Speakers Jbl Eon 515s 1x Sound Desk Sound Craft EPM 6, 1x Microphone Shure Sm58 corded, 2xspeaker stands & 3x 10 meter XLR cables,including speaker bags. Recommended for 30 - 150 guests. Cape Town Sound Hire. Contact us for your Sound Hire in Cape Town & Johannesburg. Tranpost will be extra visible cutting across the room, that most likely means smoke or fog is being used. Theatrical smoke and fog are indispensable in creating visible mid-air laser effects to entertain audiences. Recently smaller, cheaper fog machines have become available to the general public, and fog effects are becoming more common in residential applications, from small house parties to Halloween and Christmas. Theatrical fog and theatrical fog machines are also becoming more prevalent in industrial applications outside of the entertainment industry, due to their ease of use, inherent portability and ruggedness. Common popular applications for theatrical fog include environmental testing (such as HVAC inspections) as well as emergency personnel and disaster response training exercises. Militaries have historically used smoke and fog to mask troop movements in training and combat, the techniques of which are technologically similar to those used in theatre and film.Smoke[edit] Smoke effects refers to theatrical atmospheric effects produced either by pyrotechnic materials, such as Smoke Cookies, and pre-fabricated smoke cartridges; or other, flammable substances such as incense or HVAC smoke pencils or pens.   Smoke is differentiated from other atmospheric effects in that it is composed of solid particles released during combustion, rather than the liquid droplets that fog or haze are composed of.Fog Fog is used for dramatic effect as the 2007 Texas Longhorn football team enters the field of play Fog is created by pumping one of a variety of different glycol or glycol/water mixtures (referred to as fog fluid) into a heat exchanger (essentially a block of metal with a resistance heating element in it) and heating until the fluid vapourizes, creating a thick translucent or opaque cloud. Devices specifically manufactured for this purpose are referred to as a fog machines. An obsolete method for creating theatrical fog on-stage (although the technique is still commonly used in motion pictures) is to use a device known as a thermal fogger, initially designed for distributing pesticide, which aspirates a petroleum product (typically kerosene or propane) ignites the fuel, and then mixes in air and pesticide to create a dense fog. For theatrical purposes the pesticide is typically replaced with glycol, glycol/water mixtures, or water. This technique is similar to the smoke generators used by militaries to create smoke screens, and is generally only used outdoors due to the volume of fog produced and the petroleum fuel required. A thermal fogger and fan on a movie se Low-lying" fog effects can be created by combining a fog machine with another device designed specifically for this purpose. As the fog exits the fog machine it is chilled, either by passing through a device containing a fan and ice, or by passing through a device containing a fan and compressor similar to an air conditioner. The result is a relatively thick fog that stays within a few feet of the ground. As the fog warms, or is agitated, it rises and dissipates. Several manufacturers of theatrical fog fluid have developed specially formulated mixtures specifically designed to be used with CO2, intended to provide thicker, more consistent fog effects. Although these chilling devices do not use carbon dioxide, the specially formulated fog fluid does create denser fog than regular fog fluid. Haze  laser passing though haze Haze effects refer to creating an unobtrusive, homogeneous cloud intended primarily to reveal lighting beams, such as "light fingers" in a rock concert. This effect is produced using a haze machine, typically done in one of two ways. One technique uses mineral oil, atomized via a spray pump powered either by electricity or compressed CO2, breaking the mineral oil into a fine mist. Another technique for creating haze uses a glycol/water mixture to create haze in a process nearly identical to that for creating fog effects. In either case the fluid used is referred to as haze fluid, but the different formulations are not compatible or interchangeable. Glycol/water haze fluid is sometimes referred to as "water based haze" to avoid ambiguity. Smaller volumes of haze can also be generated from aerosol canisters containing mineral oil under pressure. Although to the density of haze generated and the volume of space that can be filled is significantly smaller than that of a haze machine, aerosol canisters have the advantages of portability, no requirements for electricity and finer control over the volume of haze generated.confetti cannon, confetti blaster, foosball, smoke machine, fog machine, kiddies rides, teen disco, jumping castle, water slide, parachute ride, cloud machine, beer tower, snow machine, fake snow, artificial snow, synthetic snow, snowonder, snow in seconds, winter wonderland, winter decor, winter ball, snow ball, frozen party"confetti cannon, confetti blaster, foosball, smoke machine, fog machine, kiddies rides, teen disco, jumping castle, water slide, parachute ride, cloud machine, beer tower, snow machine, fake snow, artificial snow, synthetic snow, snowonder, snow in seconds, winter wonderland, winter decor, winter ball, snow ball, frozen party disco, disco lights, lighting, party, disco hire, disco hiring, disco lights, party lights, lighitng, disco lighting, DJ, disco ound and Lighting Equipment HIRE. Party Lights 4 Hire, Cape Town, offers a Lighting, Effects & Sound hire service for: Weddings, Birthdays, Sports Events, Corporate Functions, School Functions, Night Clubs, Theme Dances, o provide specialised hiring services to events, functions, fashion shows, parties, films and productions. Our product range can be viewed at our extensive showroom. Our aim is to constantly introduce new hiring Disco lights can change the mood of any party, they create an exotic, mysterious atmosphere, and make people more comfortable in busting out their favorite boogie moves. You can have the best music available, but without the correct Disco lighting your party or event will certainly not make a big impression. Selecting the right disco lights to hire for your party does not need to be difficult, although there are many lights to choose from, any lighting is better than none, but you can turn an average party into a great party by choosing the right disco Lighting hire Sheer Magic has a variety of lighting options to help you with almost any type of party, function, promotion, celebration or event.We have the following Boogie Lights: These come on a “T” stand that allows you flexibility of direction with each of the 2 lights. They project cone shaped rays of light that twist backwards and forwards in time to the beat of your music and also change colour so you can point one up to the ceiling and another down onto the floor. If you add some smoke from one of our smoke machines you highlight the light rays and you get an amazing 3D psychedelic effect.Splash Lights: These work independently of the music beat and literally “splash” blobs of different colour light on whichever surface you aim them a The Lounge Laser: This is an amazing gadget. The main setting is a blue/green sea wave type effect that you can adjust on of each unit. Then you turn a little key and it superimposes this green/blue star surface on top of the wave effect. The result – awesome! Best about it is that it covers really big areas so has a huge impact.The Lounge Laser: This is an amazing gadget. The main setting is a blue/green sea wave type effect that you can adjust on of each unit. Then you turn a little key and it superimposes this green/blue star surface on top of the wave effect. The result – awesome! Best about it is that it covers really big areas so has a huge impact.Disco balls or Mirror balls: These come with a turning unit that works with batteries and also with a spot light. Hang the ball from the turning mechanism, shine your spot on the ball and you’re on your way. If you can’t hang them from the ceiling you are using you can hire a base and telescopic upright that allows you to hang the ball almost anywhere in a room.Robot lights: These are definitely firm favourites. They flash off and on to the beat of the music and have a huge impact in most function rooms. We normally use them on either side of our Juke Boxes or in the corners of rooms. Very bright and vibey they are a steal because of their low pricing.Police lights: These can be put on top of most anything including our Juke Boxes and they simply flash off and on just like real Police lights that you see on top of police cars.Festoon lights: These are your typical veranda or Marquee lights spread along cables at +/- 1.5m intervals. They come in 25m lengths and you can have clear or coloured bulbs. Brilliant for any function.Rope lights: These come in 10m lengths and have selection panels that allow you to vary your lights from static, or flashing, to several other formats. Bright and colourful they are brilliant for winding round poles or simply lying on the floor along the bottom of walls or alongside garden paths. lights: Or commonly known as Christmas lights come in strings of 18m that can be joined together up to 108m. They are used mainly with drapes but can be used to great effect outdoors to highlight entrances, pathways, walls etc. Amazingly effective and yet so simple, these lights can be strung around almost anything. Run them along or drop them up and down. There is no limit to what you can do with these inexpensive lights. Very, very popular!LED lights: Lights that constantly change colour are a must for any theme, for entrance features, or to wash colour across drapes and so on. Try using our white fabric socks that make pillars that these lights can shine for entrance or party features. Used in almost any party, function, promotion, celebration or event.Flora lights: These are those little plastic covered circular lights that you screw tighter to switch on. Battery operated they are used primarily for centre pieces in vases, under glass shelves, with different colour gel beads et al. Really effective in transforming the centre of your tables into whatever version of fairyland your mind can imagine.lights.lines..DanceDJ SpeakersAmplifiers Lighting Microphones Smoke Machines & Liquid Bubble Machines DJ Equipment Mixing Desks Projectors & Screens Generators & 3 Phase Power Supplies Staging, Podiums/ Lecterns & Trussin    Disco Lighting | Disco DJ P.A. Equipment | GRAVITY DJ STORE ... www.gravityaudio.co.za › Additional pages Gravity Sound & Lighting Warehouse.. sales & hire. Chauvet, skytec, citronic, lazer lights, led lights, smoke machine, snow machine, bubble machine ... Strobe disco dj light 75w ice white effect sound to light effect or speed control Aviation LED ... SOUND & LIGHTING FOR HIRE - GRAVITY DJ STORE GRAVITY ... www.gravityaudio.co.za › Custom Strobe lights for hire, robot flashing lights for hire, smoke machine for hire, bubble ... dj smoke machine for hire disco smoke machine effect unit for hire in durban ... DJ & Disco Equipment Hire, Sound & PA Equipment Hire + London www.discoequipmenthire.co.uk/ DJ Equipment, Disco Equipment, Hire, Sound system, PA Hire, Disco Lighting, Wireless Up lighters, Conference & Band PA, Special Effects. The Sound Company | Home | DJ Equipment Hiring www.thesoundco.co.za/ Our fresh approach to the equipment hiring industry lets us assure you of some great entertainment. ... We are The Sound Company or otherwise known as Discotronic. ... for hire, such as speakers, amplifiers, 6 different types of lighting equipment, ... effect machines like light systems, smoke, bubble and liquid machines and ... Event Disco Lighting Hire | Rent A DJ 0837522100 www.rentadj.co.za/eventlightinghire/ Hire Disco and Effects Lighting for your Next Event. ... Disco Lighting & Party Effects ... Package 29 – LED Up Lighting (Mood Lights) – R 1035.00 Per Day. Lighting Equipment Hire - Sound Hire, Video Equipment Rentals ... www.sound-hire.co.za/lighting-equipment-hire.html The Stormbird is a stunning 250 watt gobo with prism lighting effect with an internal ... Perfect for discos, clubs, bars and mobile DJ's Specification:Power supply: ... Effect Lighting, DJ Equipment Rental, Disco Kids Party Sydney blackexpress.com.au › Hire If you are looking for effect lighting and DJ equipment rental, then you have come to the right place. For more details please call us at 612 95594363. Disco hire Cape Town - Disco lights and equipment for hire www.avdirect.co.za/disco-lights-disco-equipment-hire Mar 18, 2016 - We offer disco lights & disco equipment for hire - audio, lighting hire, ... live music and basically all round DJ equipment hire for any disco, ... Disco Lighting and trussing; Disco Lighting effects; Complete Lighting Packages ... Dj Equipment, Disco, PA and Lighting Hire for Sussex www.sussexdjequipmenthire.co.uk/ Sussex DJ Equipment Hire offer a wide range of sound, lighting, disco and PA ... Our range of equipment include PA systems, party and effects lighting, lasers, ... DJ Effect Lighting - Disco Lights, Spotlights & More | Terralec www.terralec.co.uk/lighting/effects_lighting/11405_0c.html An extensive range of professional LED lighting, disco lighting, DJ Lighting, ... all kind of DJ lighting such as lasers, strobes, LED starcloths, special effects etc. ... With flexible hire contracts and unbeatable prices, we could be the solution to ... Ads Lighting Equipment? Adwww.functionworld.co.za/? We Hire Marquee ,Gazebo,Chairs, Tables,Crockery And More. Call Us! GalleryContact UsAbout Us Stage Lighting & Effects? Adwww.soundsts.co.za/lighting? Lighting, Lazers, Fog Machines For Parties & DJ. Get the Best Prices!. LasersLightingContact UsLightsSmoke Machines Stage and sound equipment rental - Events, Exhibitions, Expo's? Adwww.superiorvision.co.za/? Celebrating 20 Years In The AV Industry. Your Vision Is Our Future. Experienced Tech Staff · 20% Off All Hire Quotes · Branches Nationwide · Reliable Backup Provided Contact Us JHB-CPT-DBNAV SalesAV HiringRequest a Quote Searches related to DISCO DJ EFFECT LIGHTING EQUIPMENT FOR HIRE sound hire prices sound system for hire in durban sound hire in durban dj equipment hire durban disco lights for sale south africa speaker hire johannesburg disco lights for hire durban disco lights for hire johannesburg Lighting & Disco Effects - Pa Hire Liverpool www.pahireliverpool.co.uk/equipment-for-hire/lightingdisco_effects/ PA Hire offers a great range of lighting and effects for hire at unbeatable prices. Disco lights, lasers, smoke / fog machines and all the accessories you need to ... for disco's, DJ performances & other spotlight/disco use where suspended lights ... DJ Equipment, Stage Lighting, Disco & Stage Equipment- At Great ... www.terralec.co.uk/ Are you looking for the best sound and lighting equipment at the best prices? We have one of the most extensive ranges of stage and DJ equipment in the UK. With a wide range of ... Terralec are pleased to announce we now do hire. We have a wide range of audio, lighting, stands, staging and effects equipment available. Disco equipment hire, speakers, JBL Eon, mini moon, mirror ball ... www.jkproductions.co.za/professional-equipment/disco-equipment-rental.php Always wanted to play DJ, bopping behind a set of turntables, your fingers flying ... Our range of disco equipment includes lighting and Sound Equipment and everthing ... Strobe lights; Moving Effects Lights; UV Lights for a funky UV Party Professional disco, mobile disco, disco equipment, professional dj, dj ... www.jkproductions.co.za/entertainment-acts/disco-dj.php Jeremy Kusner Productions - Entertainment hire for every occasion. ... The essence of a JK Productions' professional disco is the DJ, and we have the best of ... Using only the latest quality professional sound and lighting equipment we will ... quality music videos, live dance floor footage, graphics and special effects galore. Rental, Effect Lighting, DJ, Intelligent, Laser, LED, strobe, scanner ... www.prosoundonline.com › Lighting Rentals Rental, Effect Lighting, DJ, Intelligent, Laser, LED, strobe, scanner, mover, moving head, ... Music sensitive DJ lights, Mirror/Disco Balls, Black Lights and More. Kent Hire: Disco Laser Light & Special Effect Lighting Equipment for ... www.silverpinessoundlight.co.uk/hire/laser-effects.htm Kent Hire: Disco Laser effect machines - Silver Pines Sound & Light. ... LASERS & SPECIAL EFFECT LIGHTING - Lighting Equipment hire in Kent .... For UV effects see also American DJ Ultra Bar Hex and 12p Hex fixtures on the Stage and ... Disco/DJ Lighting Equipment for Hire in Kent by Silver Pines Sound ... www.silverpinessoundlight.co.uk/hire/lighting-packages.htm Disco/DJ Lighting Equipment to Hire in Kent - Silver Pines Sound & Light. ... The package includes two modern LED effects that simulate the traditional mirror ... Sound and Lighting Equipment HIRE in Cape Town and Johannesburg soundfx.co.za/for-hire/ Dec 7, 2016 - Sound and Lighting Equipment HIRE. Party Lights 4 Hire, Cape Town, offers a Lighting, Effects & Sound hire service for: Weddings, Birthdays, ... CFM EVENT HIRE FOR SOUND LIGHTING PA DISCO EQUIPMENT ... www.disco-dj-hire-cambridge.co.uk/ Disco Equipment Hire in Cambridge Peterborough Huntingdon Cambridgeshire. ... Jukebox rental, audio visual, mobile discos and wedding DJ cambridge St Neots, ... UV and strobe lighting, stage hire, silk flame effects, fogger machines and ... DISCO EQUIPMENT HIRE NORWICH NORFOLK | AV PROJECTOR ... www.disco-dj-hire-norwich.co.uk/ CFM Entertainments for disco equipment hire in Norwich Norfolk. Sound and exhibition lighting, PA system Rental Norwich, AV Projector hire norwich. ... use disco equipment hire for weddings, birthdays and private parties, Mobile DJs and .... Flame effect lights are a great way to create a stunning surprise for your guests as ... Searches related to DISCO DJ EFFECT LIGHTING EQUIPMENT FOR HIRE sound hire prices sound system for hire in durban sound hire in durban dj equipment hire durban disco lights for sale south africa speaker hire johannesburg disco lights for hire durban disco lights for hire johannesburg   Legrand Arteor Switches Plugs - Electra Lighting - electralighting.co.za? Adwww.electralighting.co.za/?031 207 7079 Legrand Electrical Switches and Sockets. Largest Range of Legrand in Stock 158 Brickfield Rd, Durban? - ?Open today · 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Lighting Lighting That Works - Eurolux.co.za? Adwww.eurolux.co.za/LED-Lighting?021 528 8400 Importers & Distributors of Quality Light Sources & Fittings Categories: Outdoor, Indoor, Components, Project Lights… Lighting FixturesSchool Of LightEnergy Saving CalculatorLight Sources Rgb colour wash lighting - Top Deals at Factory Price - alibaba.com? Adwww.alibaba.com/Colour+Wash+Lighting? Contact Directly & Get Live Quotes! Trade Assurance · Prequalified Suppliers · 100% Refund · Most Popular Trolley School BagsBakery Machines12V Dc MotorWeighing ScalesFlower Pots LED Flexible Strip lights - Wholesale prices-Resellers welcome? Adwww.carima.co.za/led-strip-lights? All colours - 4w pm & 14w pm Categories: LED Lights, LED And Solar Hire, Solar Components, Solar Systems… Search Results OM Interactive | omiLED: Colour Wash Lighting omi.uk/omiled-colour-wash-lighting/ omiLED Colour Wash Lighting is a lighting system which floods the room with colour at the touch of a button. The omiLED Interactive colourwash system is ideal ... Colourwash (LED) | Compact Lighting Ltd www.compact-lighting.co.uk/products/view-all-products/1068-colourwash-led Colourwash (LED). Available in 2000 and 3000 lumen packages. Colour temperatures of 3000K and 4000K are available as standard. Fixed output is standard ... LED colour wash lighting | 4D Group www.4dimmersive.com/display/fixed-foundation/lighting/ LED colour wash lighting. From the cold blues of the arctic circle to the fiery reds of an erupting volcano, Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the mood and ... Lighting | Big Beat Productions www.bigbeat.co.za/?page_id=706 On the other extreme lighting can transform a simple hall or building into a magical ... Lighting ceilings, walls or buildings in colour (we call this “wash”) has a ... Indoor & Outdoor Decorative Lighting, LED Colour Wash Lighting www.andymartinentertainments.co.uk/declight.htm Blue LED Colour Wash Lighting & Decorative Pea Light Tree Lighting. Blue Led Colour Wash Lighting. Yellow LED Colour Wash Lighting & Decorative Pea ... LED Colour Wash Lighting - Awesome FX www.awesome-fx.co.uk/product/led-colour-wash-lighting/ Our LED colour wash uplights are the perfect product for bringing any space to life! Capable of producing a wide range of colours and a number of settings, the ... Complete Colour Range for LEE Lighting Filters and Gels www.leefilters.com/lighting/colour-list.html All the LEE Lighting Filter colours on one page. Review, create palettes and click for detailed information on each colour. LED Mood Lighting Uplighter Hire Colour Wash Walls Glasgow - Rs100 https://www.rs100.co.uk/LED_Mood_Up_Lighters_Lighting_Hire_Glasgow LED Mood Lighting Uplighter Hire Colour Wash Walls GlasgowLED uplighting is incredibly versatile. It can be used as mood lighting in marquees and function ... Philips Color Kinetics - Graze/Wash LED Lighting Fixtures - ColorBlast ... www.colorkinetics.com/ls/rgb/colorblast12/ High-performance ColorBlast 12 LED fixtures generate rich, saturated colors and color-changing effects for a range of wall-washing and floodlighting ... Colour Wash Lighting - Decks.co.uk https://www.decks.co.uk/colour-wash-homepage Buy DJ Colous Wash Lighting from decks.co.uk with free delivery and many packages to choose from. Ads Wholesale LED lighting for - Commercial,Industrial,Resident? Adwww.tubelights.co.za/? LED lights in: Tubes, Bulbs, Hi Bays, Flood , Panel, Street, Hi Mast, Stadium. LED Lighting - Manufacturer of LED lighting? Adwww.econled.co.za/? Industrial, retail and residential LED lighting manufacturer ProductsTube LightsLed BulbsGeneral EnquiryStreet LightsAbout Us Letron LED Lights - Save electricity - Made in S.Africa? Adwww.letron.co.za/? Bright warm LED good for reading Searches related to colour wash lighting color wash lighting wedding stage wash lighting stage wash lighting package led stage wash lights wall wash lighting par cans stage lighting american dj   Search Results Ambient LED par can Room Uplighting, Mood Lighting, Wall Wash www.gngentertainment.org/mood-lighting-upgrade Uplighters are used to wash an entire wall, ceiling (Ceiling Flood lighting is included in all of my disco packages) or floor with colour, and until recently uplighters ... 1/2 Price Sale on Color Wash Lights. - Cheap DJ Gear www.cheapdjgear.us › Lighting Regular Price: $399.98. Your Price: $199.99. Adkins Pro Lighting LED ColorBar 42" LED ColorBar - Color Wash - ColorRail - Megabar by Adkins Pro Lighting. Full Color Wash Uplighting - Portland Wedding Lights www.portlandweddinglights.com/color-wash-uplighting.html Transform your Portland, Oregon wedding ballroom into a wondrous, romantic space with our full room wall wash uplighting. Our event lighting service, Portland ... Lighting Hire | Party Hire Group www.partyhiregroup.com.au/lighting-hire/ Make your party spectacular with party lighting hire Sydney! Complete with ... The par can is a great light for creating a colour wash and ambience at your event. Light up the stage with 4 basic principles - Creative & Cultural Skills https://ccskills.org.uk › Creative Choices › Careers Advice › Industry insights Jun 19, 2014 - Overview: Think atmospheric with coloured lighting. ... band are more likely to require a bold colour wash that conveys their personality. PR LIGHTING LTD. www.pr-lighting.com/ Ricardo Ortiz Showcases Pepe Aguilar, with PR Lighting Wash and Beams. Born into a showbiz family, Pepe Aguilar has been performing from an early age and ... Digital Axis Mobile Entertainment - Color Wash Lighting damdj.com/services/color-wash-lighting/ Digital Axis can transform your event and make it sensational with lighting. We are proud to offer Color Wash Lighting options to enhance the look and feel of ... Beamz FlatPar Disco DJ LED Colour Wash Party Lighting +: Amazon ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beamz-FlatPar-Colour-Lighting-Machine/.../B00MALRBA... Beamz FlatPar Disco DJ LED Colour Wash Party Lighting +: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics. color wash Archives - Intelligent Lighting Design - Weddings ... www.ildlighting.com/tag/color-wash/ Guests were greeted by pattern projection lighting, rosa teardrop chandeliers, color wash walls, and our custom “Gatsby” chandelier draped in feather and ... LED Uplighters & Washlights | - Party Equipment For Hire www.hireforparties.co.uk/lighting-equipment/led-uplighters-washlights/ Uplighters are used to wash an entire wall, ceiling or floor with colour, and until ... Many people consider LED up lighters to be ideal form of Mood lighting. In fact ... Ad Home Lighting - Get it at Loot Online & Save? Adwww.loot.co.za/Kitchen_&_Home? Buy Home Lighting at Loot.co.za & Get Free Delivery on R250+*. Shop Now! Legendary Service · Over 14 Million Products · MySchool Fundraiser · Spend Discovery Miles









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