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This new PB15 is an active, self powered unit which also includes both an SD slot and Bluetooth wireless capabilities for playback without having to connect the speaker to any other system.

Hybrid PB15/A UB USB – The lowdown DSC_0194
The new Hybrid PB15/A UB USB can handle a total of 340 watts (AES) – 300 watts for the LF driver and 40 watts for the HF driver. The 1.75? voice coil on the LF driver has a titanium diaphragm. The amplifier pushes out 150 watts RMS. 

Features include Bass and treble controls. Aside from the conventional Neutrik XLR connections and microphone input the Hybrid PB15/A UB USB has it’s own built-in media player. This media player can play back audio from no less than three different sources;

Simply plug in an SD card 
Plug any USB device
Connect your Bluetooth device for wireless playback
This is perfect for so many applications, not the least just the basic one of testing your setup when doing a mobile installation.

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