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The Rage 600 is a compact 600W smoke machine in a strong metal housing. Powered by a 600W heating element that delivers up to 65m³ per minute output and heats up in just 3 minutes. The ideal choice for mobile working DJ's and very suitable for smaller venues. Operation with a wired (3m cable) and a wireless remote control. 600W Smoke machine Thermostatically controlled heater 500ml Smoke fluid tank Short heat-up time Wireless controllable Remote control with 3m cable..

Specs of 400w Fogger Sanitation Smoke Machine

*Voltage: 220V-240V
*Power: 400 watt
*First Heating Time :5min  
*30-40 sec pumping time
*2-3m Spray Distance
*1.5 min heating up time between pumps 
*Machine users less than 50ml fluid to Fogg up a 3x3 meter room
*Tank Capacity:250ml
*Dimensions(mm): 273 x 143 x 172(H)
*Weight 2kg

Easy to use  SANITIZING Smoke Foggers Machines for cars, buses, trucks, commercial vehicles, airplanes, boats, etc.

Are you looking for a way to disinfect surfaces quickly and easily ?

Our electric sanitising Smoke Fogger machine :

-Easy to operate with remote
-Users water based sanitizing chemicals

Suitable for the following Disinfecting applications :

-Schools, clinics, hospitals, health centers
-Office buildings, public transport, shopping malls
-Factories, restrooms, municipal buildings

400w Sanitizer Fogger Smoke Machine

Sanitizer Smoke Fogger Machine in a (3m x 3m) 9sq room Sanitizer disinfectant Fogger Machine Demo


Sanitizer Disinfectant Fogger Machine (3m x 9m) 27sq room Sanitizer disinfectant Fogger Machine Demo


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