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Mirror Ball Pin spot Light 

An inexpensive way to light up your Disco Mirror Ball. Great for PARTIES, KIDS BIRTHDAY, ENTERTAINMENT . These glass mirror balls can be used with white or coloured pin spots to turn an ... The PAR36 spotlight has a rotating colour wheel to allow the colours to ...Pinspots, if aimed towards the bottom 2/3 of the mirror ball and hung in the ... The pin spot has a very narrow beam so the light intensity is he Chauvet Pinspot 2 includes two front focal lens options to produce hard-edge beams for a variety of applications. The LED PinspotTM 2 is extremely ...

Mirror Balls & Pinspots | Gearooz
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Fabulous Mirror Balls and Pinspots for your disco at Gear4DJs. All the best ... ADJ Pinspot LED Quad DMX RGBW 8W Remote Controlled Spotlight. £75.00.
Mirror Ball Spot Light | eBay
Equinox Lighting LED Pinspot Par36 White Beam 5W Mirror Ball Pin Spot ... QTX Black PAR36 Pinspot Mirror Ball and Stage Spot Light 30W Inc Lamp BNIB.
Disco Ball Spot Light for 8 12 16 20 24" Pinspot Pin Mirror Lite See ...
www.ebay.com › ... › See more Eliminator Par36 Pinspot W 4515 Spotlamp for M...
US$29,95 - ‎In stock
TSSS® White Pin Spot Light Tight Beam Led DJ Mirror Ball Light Perfect For KTV ... 12" Mirror Disco Ball DJ Stage Party Motor LED Light Kit Rotating Spotlight ...
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Lighting, Lazers, Fog Machines For Parties & DJ. Get the Best Prices!.
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