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Matrix Input Assignment
No longer does your device need to be married to a particular Channel. The 8 input sources are freely Assignable to any channel or even multiple channels.

8 Line / 3 Phono, switchable

4 Smooth 60mm VCA Channel Faders w/contour adjust

Flex Fader 45mm VCA Cross Fader w/contour adjust
The tension on this crossfader can be adjusted freely.

Independent Channel PFL Meters
All input levels can be pre-adjusted in advance to match the gain levels, insuring a smooth transition between fades.

Independent 3-Band EQ (High-Mid-Low) w/full kills

Independent CUE system (all channels)

Booth Output Assign Selector
Pre-monitor any channel including Master through the booth output in the same manner as you would with your headphones, with volume control!

External Send/Return Control
- Multi Channel Assignable
- Effect On/Off
- Effect Pre & Post switch
- Effect Dry/Wet Knob
- Effect Cueing
Independent Channel A-B Post Switch (crossfader)

Powerful & Clean Headphone Output

Fader Start (all channels)
Cross Fader and Channel Fader-Start Trigger is compatible with all Denon DJ CD/MP3/Media players.

12� Tabletop Style Mixer

2 Independent Mics w/3-band EQ
- Main Mic (Neutrik combo terminal)
- Aux Mix (TRS 1/4� terminal)

Mic Ducking Attenuation w/level control

Split / Cue Headphone Monitor w/PFL Metering

Other Features

  • Master Output -10dB Attenuation Switch
  • Master Output Stereo/Mono Switch
  • Master Output � Balanced XLR & RCA/Unbalanced
  • Record Out � RCA/Unbalanced
  • Booth Output � Balanced TRS 1/4�
  • Power Switch Guard on Top Panel
  • Gold Plated connectors
  • Detachable power cord


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