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starsound crossover

-available in 2way crossover

-or in 3way crossover 


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2013-08-18 18:02:47 anonymous
hi, pls quote me on the Star sound crossover.
2015-03-28 08:20:13 Hennie
Please sent me Price quote for a gravity 3 way crossover, and also the detail of the product (frequency), if you selling loose speakers please sent me price list, as i am building my owns speaker for my cinema system. i am looking for tweeter 200W- 4" / Mid range 250W 8" / Bass 300W 10", all 8 ohm speakers. I am in Saudi at the moment and will be back in SA in mei, if possible i would like to visit your shop and collect myself, i am staying on the Vaal dam area. Regards
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